Top 5 Reasons to Consume A2 Milk and its benefits

A2 milk is trending among people because of the quality and the benefits which are lured from consuming it, A2 milk is basically that milk that is procured from desi cow breeds like Gir and Sahiwal, and it contains A2 beta-casein protein. The kind of protein which A2 cow’s milk is not A1 cow’s milk or the European breeds of cow’s milk do not produce this protein, and this difference is caused by just one amino acid.

The article will guide why people or families prefer A2 milk over A1 milk and the benefits of consuming it give to the human body, A2 protein in desi cows is produced from the beginning but as A1 milk is produced in larger quantities it is easily available in the market and on the other hand producers of A2 milk are fewer because desi breeds of cows are available only with fewer cattle farmers.

Yet, the nutritional benefits which are procured from consuming the A2 milk are fabulous, the milk should taste well and be healthy for your family. It is believed that A2 milk is the purest produced from desi cow breeds, cattle farmers believe that if the cow is loved and taken care of well by giving them clean water to drink, fresh fodder to eat, and a healthy environment then the purity is increased as well as nutrients in the milk are much better.

Though the benefits of A2 milk are more as compared to the A1 milk, still people prefer to buy A1 milk because it is cheaper, the reason for being A2 milk being costlier is that the desi cow breeds produce less quantity of milk as compared to the European breeds of cow. Now, let us spread light on the reasons for consuming A2 milk.

  1. There are people who resist drinking milk because of gastric issues, this is caused by A1 milk, and if A2 milk is consumed this problem never arises.
  2. People who are fitness freaks must drink A2 milk because a single glass of A2 milk contains 8 grams of protein, instead of drinking protein shakes the A2 milk is healthier.
  3. Calcium in A2 milk is in greater quantity as compared to A1 milk, A2 milk helps in keeping the bones stronger for both children and adults.
  4. Essential nutrients are present in the A2 milk, vitamins like A, D, and B12 are present and contain phosphorus, potassium, and riboflavin that are important for the human body.
  5. Desi cow breeds who produce A2 milk are not given any antibiotics or hormones and are given natural food, this improves the overall quality of milk and makes it purer.

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