There are two kinds of milk available in the market i.e. A1 milk and A2 milk. A1 milk is given by A1 types of cows(Hybrid cows)and A2 milk by A2 variety of cows(Indigenous cows). As far as consumption pattern is concerned, A1 milk is consumed across the world, including India in large quantity, whereas consumption of A2 type of milk is very low.

We get A2 type of milk from ancient breed cow or the breed of a cow running from a long time or from the native cow (Indigenous cow). To some extent, the cow found in East African places and the milk that is obtained from them is called A2 Milk. At the same time, we get A1 milk from the Foreign Breed Cow or from the mixed-race cow (Hybrid cow). A1 cows (Hybrid cows) are most commonly found in India and other countries also.

Various types of proteins are present in the milk out of which, one is casein. Therefore, we can say that 80 percent of casein protein is found in milk. But the indigenous cow that gives A2 milk, releases casein protein as well as a certain type of amino acid, which is called proline. A1 cows contain a different type of amino acid known as histidine.

Protein in milk is converted into peptides and later it takes the form of amino acids. Amino acids are very crucial for our health, but the amino acids that are found in A2 cows play an important role. The proline found in A2 milk prevents BCM 7 to reach our body.

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