BCM 7 is an opioid peptide. It is a small protein that does not digest in our body. This can lead to indigestion and various other problems or diseases like diabetes etc. So, proline amino acid in A2 milk prevents BCM 7 from going into our body. But A1 cows do not make proline, so, BCM 7 goes into our body and later it dissolves in our blood.

BCM 7 protein is not found in A2 milk cow’s urine, blood or intestines, but this protein is found in the A1 milk cows. A1 beta-casein milk has high amounts of BCM 7. If it is consumed by children, then the problem of diabetes will increase in them.  It has been observed  that large number of people are suffering from diabetes. Even, Heart disease has also been linked to some extent with this milk.

BCM 7 passes into the children’s blood and also retards the development of the brain. Diabetes type 1 has connection with A1 milk and in addition heart problem, mental disorder, autism, prevention of allergic deficiencies, and schizophrenia because of BCM 7 directly going to the blood and subsequently to the brain. A1 milk does not harm body and does not have any side effects.

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