Benefits of getting an agency

Jaipur Gosamvardhan Samiti was established in the year 1954, the aim was to bind together traditional techniques with the scientific ones to conserve breeding and rearing of cows as Rajasthan state has various breeds of cows.

Agencies that join with us learn the best techniques of procuring cow milk, getting all the details of small cow rears, etc., we help agencies to grow faster by providing high-quality dairy products in the market. We provide various range of products like milk, different types of Ghee, Shrikhand, and Chaach.


Terms and conditions for applying for an agency:

  1. The security amount which will be deposited initially will be Rupees 25,000.
  2. The payment of various Ghee variants will be done on the same day itself.
  3. Other products like Milk, Chaach, Shrikhand, for them the payment must be done by next day.
  4. Documents that are required are an Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, 1 passport size photo, GST number document with signature of the agency owner, food license copy, and a utility bill.
  5. The form can be filled and uploaded online along with all the proper documents scanned copies.


Terms and Condition

  1. The dealership appointment is temporary and will be done for 3 months, during this duration if the Jaipur Gosamvardhan committee (Goras) wants then the duration can be extended, also the vendor’s dealership can be canceled without any notice.
  2. The security amount by the retail seller should be deposited on a prior basis, even after the allotment the security amount can be increased, and the agency owner will have to deposit the amount accordingly as it is mandatory.
  3. Dealers have to pay in cash for dairy products (milk) without the retail commission for obtaining them, and if the payment gets due the supply will be stopped immediately and the deal with the agency will be immediately stopped and the security amount will be confiscated.
  4. The dealers must sell 50 litres of milk every day which is mandatory, if within one month of allotment if the agency fails to sell 50 litres of milk per day then the agency contract will be canceled without any notice.
  5. Dealers will be supplied milk according to their demand, and the remaining product will not be returned.
  6. The amount of all the sales and the crates of the dairy products must be returned by the dealer according to the procedure, and if they fail to do so then the supply will be stopped. If the dealer repeats on failing the conditions the contract will be canceled.
  7. Dealers must behave gently with the customers and distributors, and if or any complaints are registered and are found genuine then the concerned dealer shall face legal issues. Also, the deal with the dealer will be canceled and the security amount will be confiscated.
  8. According to the Jaipur Gosamvardhan committee (Goras) guidelines, dealers must sell dairy products at the prescribed time.
  9. Dealer must sell dairy products through the location/areas assigned, failing to do this or selling it in other location/areas the contract will be canceled, as the allotment of the dealership is non-movable.
  10. All the orders related to the distribution will be given from time to time and they will be followed, and all the dealers must follow them.
  11. All the operations must be done by the concerned on whose name the dealership is allotted, and if the dealership is managed by any other or given on rent then the contract will be canceled.
  12. Dealers must sell dairy products only of the Gorus brand, and if there is any connection to other companies or brands then the contract with the agency will be void.
  13. If any document is found forged by an agency then the contract will be canceled and the security amount will be confiscated.
  14. The allotment of any agency is not fixed at any particular place.
  15. The dealers must purchase all the products from the Jaipur Gosamvardhan committee (Goras), if found buying from any other seller then the company will not be responsible and the contract of dealership will be canceled, security amount will also be confiscated and legal actions will be taken for which dealer shall be held responsible.
  16. On your behalf, all the terms and conditions are known best to your knowledge, and if you agree on them with full consent.

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