Jaipur Gosamvardhan Samiti(JGS)  procures fresh milk directly from the farmers. To facilitate in this process JGS has around 150 Goras collection centers (GCC) covering over 160 villages. Every day 1500 plus farmers bring their milk to these GCCs. At the GCC, each and every lot of farmer’s milk is tested for its quality. Based on the quality, per-liter price of milk is determined with the help of a two-way price chart. The two parameters tested for determining quality are Fat and SNF (solids not fat).

Based on the quality and the number of litres brought by the farmer, their total amount is calculated. This process is done for each and every farmer who brings milk to GCC. Once all the tests are done, each farmer’s data (quantity, Fat & SNF% along with the farmer’s unique number) is updated in the system same day. The farmer is paid every every month. The entire farmers’ database is managed through computer software system.

In order to get adequate quantity and quality of milk (as per the rigorous QA norms), JGS undertakes series of measures to help the farmers. Some of the measures taken are as follows:

A new and advanced process of procuring and chilling the milk at the village level using ABC (Active Bulk Cooler) has been introduced. There are 2 chilling plants. One in Rampura and another one at Mansarovar industrial area.  This helps us improve quality and retain freshness, as the milk gets chilled at the initial stage, starting from the procurement stage itself.

  • Farmers have easy approach to bring their milk to the Goras Collection Centres.
  • Instant chilling at Village level within 2 hours (Enhances Farmers’ milk’s quality)
  • Avoids milk spoilage & spillage
  • Improved Methylene Blue Dye Reduction Test(MBRT) hours

Jaipur Gosamvardhan Samiti operates through 10 milk procurement routes through 10 trucks. These routes have a regular route plan with the timing to pick up milk cans from each GCCs during fixed schedules of the day. All the farmers have to bring their milk timely before the milk truck reaches GCC. Once all the farmers have poured their milk, it is collected in cans and loaded into the trucks on the time fixed for picking up the cans at the GCC. After collecting milk from all the allotted GCCs milk procurement truck arrives at Samiti central chilling center. At the chilling center the milk is again tested for more parameters. Once the milk is tested completely, it is weighed.

The samples are taken for more detailed testing. After the tests are completed and the suitability of the entire chilling centers milk is confirmed to meet our strict quality norms the milk is loaded into the milk tanker and sent to the dairy processing unit. At the processing unit the milk is again put through more tests before taking up for further processing.

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