Goras Shrikhand – Kesar – Pista – 100gm

Nutritional information* per 100ml

S. No. Amount Per 100 ml Values
1 Energy 210 Kcal
2 Total Fat 5.0 g
3 Saturated Fat 3.2 g
4 MUFA 1.23 g
5 Trans Fat 3.04 g
6 PUFA 0.03 g
7 Cholesterol 50 mg
8 Phosphorus 50 mg
8 Calcium 90 mg
8 Vitamin A 45.0 ug
9 Vitamin B1 0.05 ug
10 Added sugar 34.0 g
*Approx. Values
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Goras Cow Milk Shrikhand is a semi soft, sweetish sour, whole milk product, prepared from lactic fermented curd.The curd(dahi) is partially strained through a cloth to remove the whey and thus produce a solid mass called chakka (The basic ingredient for Shrikhand. Shrikhand is basically a Gujarati sweet dish, but gradually getting popular in other parts of the country as well. It is also popular in Rajasthan. Other states like Maharashtra and Punjab do have local variants that are popular too. It is mostly served as a dessert.

The exact origin of Shrikhand is not known, but western India is credited with the first historical mention of the dish. There is no exact record of how the dish came about, the legend states that travelling herdsmen hung curd or yogurt overnight to make it easier to carry while travelling. The thick yogurt that was collected the next day was mixed with sugar and nuts to make it palatable during long journey.

Health Benefits: Shrikhand is a meal with low glycemic index. Since fat is important for feeling of satiety, it reduces chances of overeating. It is healthy and safe for all, including people with obesity, diabetes or hart disease.


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