6 incredible benefits of drinking cow’s milk

Cow milk is packed with nutrients like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat, which are extremely vital for the development and growth of our body. Emphasized as complete food by several nutritionists across the world, a glass of milk is storehouse of health and nutritious wonders not many beverages in the world can match upto. If you aren’t a fan of plain milk you can also use the wonder drink to whip up several amazing delights like a fresh fruit smoothie,a milk shake,a refreshing coffee or tea.

Goat milk, cow milk, buffalo milk, sheep milk, camel milk are some of the common kinds of milk available in the market. Cow milk is said to be one of the most commonly consumed amongst the many kinds available. While most of these types of milk share a tremendous nutritive profile, the country’s association with cow milk calls for a special attention.

Here are 6 benefits of cow milk you must know:

  1. Easily Digestible: Cow milk consists of lower fat content compared to buffalo milk; hence it is lighter and easily digestible.
  2. Rich source of protein: Cow milk is a good source of protein and calcium and is high in phosphorous and Vitamin B12.
  3. Healthy Heart: Cow milk is loaded with calcium that may help reduce the risk of hypertension by keeping blood vessels elastic. Cow milk also has rich quantity of healthy fats that helps keep blood pressure in check. Cow milk has decent quantity of Conjugated Liboleic Acid (CLA). CLA helps lower cholesterol and prevent hardening of arteries.
  4. Weight loss: A treasure trove of proteins, cow milk is your best companion if you want to lose weight. Its calcium and Vitamin D content also helps body burn calories by increasing the metabolism of fat.
  5. Brain Food: Cow milk is a good source of vitamin B which ensures healthy functioning of brain, nervous system and sleep wake cycles.
  6. Stronger Bones: Cow milk contains calcium and Vitamin D; this combination promotes strong and healthy bones. Regular milk staves off risks of osteopenia, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

So what are you waiting for? Load up on this nutritional wonder drink!

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